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Soluções de Recursos Humanos para a Saúde - We care about people!

International Recruitment

Medipeople is an portuguese company that provides all kind of human resources solutions for the healthcare recruitment sector, bringing a fresh approach.

We are proud of our reputation throughout the industry as a company that is able to supply candidates of a quality that our competitors find difficult to match. 
We work according to the best practices and supplying the best healthcare global solutions, in order to deliver the highest standard quality service. 

MediPeople, as a business partner, look for the oportunity to optimize and improve your human resources and make sure that you have an effective and eficient management that allows you to create a competitive advantage to your partners.

Our main goal is to provide national human resources solutions.
We have as highly reference customers, Public and Private Hospitals, Health centres and another organizations that have the same need.

We have a large number of healthcare professionals on our data base that are extremely educated in all healthcare specializations.

Our company develop solutions in a various areas like:

Permanent hiring;
Recruitment, Selection and Integration;
Speciallized Research;
Outsourcing of Work Schedules Management;
Consulting projects;
Projects developed for particular needs.

Practice Areas:

General and Specialized Doctors;
Diagnosis and Therapy Technicians;
Operating assistants;
Administrative assistants.